The Magic Violin

Eight-year old Melina wants to become a good violinist. When she loses confidence, her Rumanian teacher Andrea decides it’s time for a magic dose of self esteem. A mysterious old woman in rags gives Melina some curious advice; a violinist Russian hamster, who happens to live under the old woman’s hat, offers her a virtuoso performance; a shooting star fills her with hope on Christmas Eve. Is Melina actually playing better, or has her violin become magic? Who is the old woman in the town square, and why does she wear the same emerald ring as her teacher Andrea?


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“This is a delightful story with magical elements. To me, the most important idea is that if you believe in yourself, the impossible becomes possible. Melina believes her violin has become magical, but the magic is in her dedication to learning and playing well, and experiencing the joy in accomplishing a high goal. K.C. Snider’s beautiful illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this magical story. The warmth and joys of the Christmas season are evident on every page. This story, a wonderful collaboration between author and artist, makes you want to pack up and go to The Grand Place to experience such a magical Christmas.” ~ Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew, Magical Mea, 
Mágico Mateo (Spanish), and Ten Little Tricksters for Halloween

“Mayra makes this storyline and its backdrop magical, with just the right hint of mystery to it. Her characters’ “voice” comes through loud and clear. Accompanied by the crisp, detailed, and lifelike illustrations of K.C. Snider, this book is a “keeper”. This is a great read, especially for kids interested in music, mystery, magic during the holiday season, and the beauty of winter.” ~Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Stories for Children Magazine

“A keeper! For the child suffering through the early stages of learning to play an instrument, they will have instant empathy with Melina as she struggles to learn a piece for the violin. She enjoys her lessons and likes her teacher, but this music seems very difficult to play. This is a story with a lesson that applies to us all as we try to learn anything new. Adults will identify with Melina and remember their own childhood struggles with learning anything new. A delightful tale by talented author Mayra Calvani that children of all ages will enjoy and learn from. Non Reading children will love having this tale read to them and the reading child can read it themselves. Couched in easy language with matching artwork by talented artist K. C. Snider, children can enter Melina’s world and see the world through her eyes. A highly enjoyable experience for parent and child alike. Highly recommended for children the world over. Adults too will enjoy this tale. I sure did.” ~Anne K. Edwards, author of Jeremy and the Dragon

“Beautiful illustrations light up this thoughtful tale of a young girl who learns to have faith in herself. A lovely book for children and parents to read aloud together, especially if there is a budding musician in the house.” ~Linda Austin, author of “Cherry Blossoms in Twilight

“One day, Melina is out with her parents when she hears Vivaldi’s piece being played. And this is where the magic for this little girl and for all the little girls who will read this story will begin.

Mayra strings the reader with her simple yet precise words, and the illustrations bring the whole book to life. The Magic Violin is a tale of believing in yourself, a ‘feel good’ classical read. I highly recommend it for families to read together and appreciate the magical qualities an adult can inspire in a young child.” ~Lea Schizas – Muse Book Reviewer

“The Magic Violin carries a necessary message and conveys an important lesson for everyone, no matter what discipline, whether child or adult. There is no easy path to what one wants to accomplish, in this case, the mastery of a musical instrument. Hard work and practice brings improvement. This reality is often a difficult concept for children to grasp. …because of the important lesson it conveys, we would recommend The Magic Violin for the targeted 5 to 8 age range. An Important Lesson for Everyone.” ~Review by Douglas Quinn, Author of Blue Heron Marsh and Donna Higgins Colson, Professional Artist

“I love children’s books that inspire. And The Magic Violin inspires and entertains. The story is set in Belgium (where the author lives) and is sweet, well-written and zero’s in on a huge problem with many children; self-esteem. The illustrations are all lovely but the cover captivates the reader’s attention. It is so beautiful it could be framed… The Magic Violin is a must read, must have for children. They’ll be inspired by the story and the illustrations will delight them.” ~Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews

“This is a lovely tale to snuggle with family and hot cocoa in front of a cozy fire on Christmas Eve.” ~Beverly Stowe McClure, YA novelist

“The Magic Violin is a wonderful Christmas story that is encouraging for all children. Sometimes, children do want to feel like that they want to explore and try something different and when they do not accomplish what they want they want to quit and proceed with learning something totally different. However, the key is believing in yourself and having faith in what you are trying to accomplish. I think that Mayri did an excellent job depicting these standard everyday beliefs that not only children experience, but everyone experience. Sometimes, we believe that it is something magical that came over us, but when in the very essence it is believing in what we are doing that is the magical essence. Congratulations on a job well done! Stay blessed.” ~Five Stars Rating Afrika Midnight Asha Abney Reviewer Midwest Book Review and “Reviewer’s Bookwatch”

“… The Magic Violin is an inspiring and uplifting book about a young girl and her realization that believing in oneself can have a very magical outcome… Mayra’s book definitely has a strong message, one that is important and everlasting. For children and jaded adults alike, The Magic Violin will lift spirits and just may give you and your child the boost to believe in your power to reach your goals.” ~Mama Divas