Marcelo is thrilled when he gets a golden retriever puppy for his birthday, but now he faces one of the toughest jobs of his life, not only because owning a pet is a huge responsibility, but because he has to find the perfect name for it—and that’s hard!

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“CRASH! is geared towards children between the ages of 2 and 6, a perfect age to begin learning about pet ownership… Anyone who has owned a golden retriever, or even a lab will appreciate this book… Children love stories about pets, and this one will teach them the value of owning a dog.” ~Lindsay Stordahl,

“Author Mayra Calvani carefully chose every word in this book. It just flows perfect, and I really enjoyed the care Marcelo put into giving his puppy just the right name. I was astonished that the colorful, kid-friendly perfect illustrations by Anna Pylypchuk are the work of a sixteen-year-old girl! She is a native Ukrainian and I found her very detailed illustrations just as charming as Mayra’s text.” –Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Assistant Editor, Stories for Children Magazine The illustrations in the book are colorful, bright, and sure to catch the attention of any young child. Drawn in a rather whimsical manner, the pictures absolutely bring the story to life. Instead of children just imagining Marcelo taking the puppy for a walk, it’s right there for the kids to enjoy. The colors are bright and bold, but still not overdone. The pictures also help lend to the fact that Marcelo and the puppy are such good friends. Through the pictures, you can see just how inseparable the pair really is… Though I would not say this book has a strong message to speak of, I do think it is a nice tale of friendship. Sometimes that’s all you need out of a book, especially one for a younger audience. And, as I have pointed out, the friendship shows through loud and clear.” ~ A. E. Jaskiewicz, Front Street Reviews

“Anyone who is a parent with a child that has begged, hollered, and begged some more for a pet will enjoy Crash and Marcelo, the little boy who gets his wish. The glee and joy in his cute little face is described vividly by author Mayra Calvani. Reading “Crash”, a child and a parent discover the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. Marcelo also discovers that naming his new family member is not as easy as he thought. Many ideas come to his head, none really fitting in with the cute Golden Retriever. The name he finally picks surprises his parents. But as you read, you realize this is the PERFECT name… This is a great book to buy for your child, you know, the one who is begging and hollering and begging some more for a pet. It will teach and prepare them for the responsibilities surely to come when a pet finally comes gift-wrapped.” ~Lea Schizas, Muse Book Reviews

“The book will delight the hearts of children and pet lovers alike.”
~Swamy Reviews,

“A delightful tale about a little boy who has his dearest wish granted… Anyone who ever wanted a special pet as a child will enjoy and relate to this happy story.” ~Anne K. Edwards, author of Jeremy and the Dragon

“Crash! is a charming story about a boy and his dog and the special relationship that develops between a child and his pet. Author Mayra Calvani shows off her storytelling talents once again, as she did with The Magic Violin. Calvani has a way of getting right to the heart of children with her touching stories.” ~Cheryl Malandrinos, The Book Connection